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October 5, 2022

Why Should You Buy an Electric Boiler?

Central heating and water boiling systems are a necessity during UK winters. 

Though traditional gas/fuel-based heating systems are immune to power cuts and price hikes, they are not that feasible when there is a fuel and gas supply shortage across Europe. 

That is why people are trusting combi electric boilers these days. They are easy to install, cheap and reliable. 

The best part about power boilers is that they are energy efficient. Therefore, buying a combi power boiler will significantly reduce your over-household budget. 

Let us elaborate on everything we talked about above with four main takeaways:

1. Easy and cheaper installation

Unlike gas or fuel systems, boilers that run on power do not emit waste. That is why you do not need to install condensation pipes to throw them out. This significantly reduces the overall installation costs.

Also, installing a power boiler requires a limited amount of drilling and plumbing. As a result, no damage is caused to your overall home décor. 

Moreover, it will be easily done without much drilling or hammering if you ever wish to get the power boiler uninstalled or replaced. 


2.They are much safer.

Apart from easy combi boiler installation, they are much safer too. 

You must have heard about carbon monoxide leaks in gas-based heating and boiling systems. That is why they are riskier than power-based boilers. 

Besides their lower carbon footprint, power boilers are much more energy efficient than gas boilers. They don’t have to utilise energy in burning fuel. That is why they are 99% energy efficient. In contrast, gas boilers are only 89-95% energy efficient. 

So, by using power boilers, you reduce digits on your bill and also serve the environment well.


3.No annual servicing

Power-based boilers are capable of running endlessly without replacing any part. Unlike a gas boiler, there are zero moving parts in a power-based boiler. Therefore, you do not need to call a repair expert for servicing. 

As a result, you can save around 100-160 euros annually. Also, power-based boilers operate silently. That means you no longer have to hear annoying ‘hiss’ coming from gas pipes. 

Unlike gas boilers that have to be fitted on your external wall, power-based boilers can be fitted almost anywhere, giving you the flexibility to choose the installation space. 


4.Solar Compatibility

Solar energy is one of the most viable forms of energy that can be utilised to cut down running costs. 

The good news is that most power-based boilers come with solar compatibility. Also, you can use the solar thermal system to boil the water inside the tank. 

Thus, solar compatibility makes these boilers a better option than gas or fuel boilers. 

Final Thoughts

Unlike fragile fuel and gas supplies, electricity supply can still be promised to an extent. That is why going with power-based boilers is a much better option if you want to cut down running costs and eliminate the fear of supply cuts. 

Power boilers are not only cost-effective but are energy-efficient too. So, contact a quality combi power boiler company today for a no-obligation quote.