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June 20, 2022

The Guide To Maintaining Your Electric Boilers

It’s safe to say that warm, relaxing baths are one thing most enjoy during those chilly winters. But, it can be a real bummer if your electric boilers are not up to the mark. 

Installing an electrically-run boiler is a massive investment, and if you notice the boiler asking for frequent repairs, you might be overspending on your monthly bills and fuel consumption. Going for an electric combi boiler installation is feasible in several ways. For starters, these boilers don’t consume fuel which eliminates carbon monoxide altogether. This makes the boiler not only environmentally sustainable but also helps you save on your fuel consumption. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and can fit easily. 

So, if you own an electrical boiler or are simply thinking of getting one, here’s a small guide to maintaining one and what you need to do to make it last longer.


What Is The Life Span Of A Boiler?  

If you make sure to take good care of your boiler, you won’t need a replacement for about 10-15 years. This can be done easily if you schedule regular, mostly annual, service checks and maintenances. 

Infact, regardless of the model type or brand you are going for, it is recommended to get your boiler services once in every 12 months as a precautionary method. 

So, when is the best time to go for service? 

Well, your boilers work the hardest during winters. And, to avoid any technical issues, it is best to get the machine serviced during the summers. Choosing summers can be a great choice because most professionals would be available during this time and might offer you an affordable quote. Moreover, your boiler would be prepared enough to work well during the hard cold months.


3 Tips For Maintaining Your Boiler

Apart from the annual service repairs and checks, here are some tips you must follow to maintain your electrical boiler. 


With time, your boiler is bound to get dirty. And, when the dust and debris get settled inside the radiators, you need to go for a power flushing. 

 A power flushing service would flush out all the dust, debris and pollutants out of your machine, thus, eliminating all blockages. You can also go for water softening to increase the life span of your boilers. Regardless, it is best to get this job done by a technician rather than DIYing it. 

Don’t Make Things Clutter

This one isn’t a specific technique but simply a trick to ensure that the boiler works just fine. While getting the boiler installed, make sure to fix it in such a place that is airy and offers proper ventilation. 

This will eliminate any chances of steam accumulation or blockages in the pipes. 

Track The Boiler Pressure

Here’s a fact; high pressure might cause severe damage to the machinery of the boiler, and extremely low pressure might make your boiler work harder, which might affect its life span. 

So, make sure to check the pressure gauge once in every two months. And, if the pressure isn’t right, call a technician to get things fixed.


In A Nutshell

To ensure that your electrical boilers work fine, make sure to schedule a servicing annually and incorporate the above-listed tips for better efficiency. And, if a problem surfaces, it is best to get in touch with a professional instead of handling things on your own.