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September 5, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Combi Boiler Installation

Everything you need to know about installing a boiler, from picking the right size and type of boiler for your home to putting it on the wall, is provided here.

Combination boilers and water heaters, often known as combi boilers, are heating systems that provide heat and hot water to small to medium-sized homes. It is a compact, incredibly efficient device that combines the functions of a boiler and a water heater.


How Does a Combi Boiler Work?

The typical setup uses a regular boiler to heat the radiator using a sealed water circuit. A hot coil is located within the storage cylinder to heat the water that passes through. A combi boiler starts heating the water when a hot tap or shower is activated. You can take a shower since hot water is pressure-delivered to faucets.


Steps to Install Combi Boiler Installation:

Let’s look at the complete combi boiler installation with these easy steps: 

Attach a plywood panel to the basement wall to act as the new combination boiler’s mounting panel.

Install new plumbing, electricity, and gas lines to the plywood panel.

You can hang the combination heater onto the metal mounting brackets once screwed into the plywood panel.

To install the air intake and exhaust vents, drill two holes through the home wall, every 4 inches in diameter. Make that the exhaust vent is 12 inches from a window and 12 inches from the air intake and that the air intake is above the snow line.

Use PVC pipe and fittings to make the air intake and exhaust vents. Through the outer wall, run the pipe from the boiler.

Attach hot and cold water lines to the combination boiler to provide the domestic water fixtures and the heating system with water.

Attach the new electrical cable and gas line to the combination boiler.

To help control the amount of hot water produced, mount an external temperature sensor on the north side of the home.

Run a PVC condensate line with limestone neutraliser from the combination heater to a nearby floor drain or utility sink drain. To remove the extra condensation, use a condensate pump.

As soon as you turn on the combination boiler, hot water should start to be produced.

Dispose of the outdated water heater and boiler.


Can You Install a Combi Boiler Yourself?

t’s important to get the aid of a qualified heating specialist to assist you in installing your new combination boiler for safety reasons. Since the electric boiler combi cost is higher, you cannot expect even a little mistake. The process involves drilling holes through the home wall for vents and running new gas, electrical, and plumbing lines, all of which call for technical know-how and precision.

Consult with the supplying firm to obtain the greatest and most up-to-date installation instructions that will make your installation process simple if you want the most secure information on how to instal a boiler.



Even though installing a combi boiler can be expensive, and it may be tempting to do it yourself, hiring a Gas Safe combi boiler professional is always the safer choice. Getting at least three quotations from reliable heating engineers is recommended if you want to save money.