Why buying an electric combi boiler is more practical for an apartment or flats?

The UK population is growing by more than 500,000 people every year but only half the homes required are built. Recently there has been a sharp rise in building apartments and conversions of houses into flats/apartment to tackle the shortage of housing crisis.

The new regulations make the buildings more efficient and advance. Due to the size and efficient space usage, the heating and hot water solution for the apartment/flats have evolved. The option for these apartments have always been electric heaters with hot water storage tanks which are not efficient and take a lot of space. With our new range of Elektra electric combi boilers you benefit from the following:

  • Supply: Almost every apartment has it’s own consumer unit with 100Amp supply. The boiler uses 50Amp when it is using 12kW (i.e. maximum kW capacity).
  • Space saver: The boilers are compact in size and do not require an additional storage tank. These are wall hung boilers and can be fitted anywhere in an apartment/flat.
  • Gas/Flue Issue: The boilers do not have flue and they run on electricity. Since there is no gas involved there is no risk from gas leak or CO gas.
  • EPC rating: The boilers are 100% efficient and therefore it is perfect to enhance your property EPC rating.
  • Maintenance: The boilers have fewer parts and therefore has little or no maintenance costs compared to the other similar systems. Therefore, the boilers are more reliable.Installing Elektra electric combi boilers you’re a step ahead because these can be integrated with solar PV panels and batteries. The boilers can run almost free with the above setup.

Comparison Electric Combi Boilers

Q. What is the difference between our Elektra electric combi boilers and other electric combi boilers (EHC Fusion, Elnur Mattira, Heatrae Sadia Electromax) in the market?

Our Elektra electric combi boilers have a diverter valve and a plate heat exchanger which provides instant and continuous hot water. (Model: EK.BP & EK.C)

With our boilers, like a combi, the priority is given to hot water. This means that whenever the hot water tap/shower outlet is open the heating will stop until they are closed.

Other electric boilers have an indirect hot water cylinder. Once the cylinder runs out of hot water, it will take 30-60 minutes to heat water (depends on the size/capacity of the cylinder). (EHC Comet Combi) roughly 7 minutes or more @ 50C (12kW Elnur Mattira).

The boiler (Type A) with indirect cylinder has transfer heat loss from the boiler to cylinder and it takes up space. Our Electric boilers are wall hung, compact and save a lot of space.

The immersion inside the boiler (Type B) with in-built cylinder is in direct contact with water compared to our Elektra BP boiler the immersion is in dry pocket and not in contact with water. The immersion in contact with water has a shorter life span compared to the immersion in dry pocket.

If you are looking for an efficient, space saving, cutting edge technology in electric combi boiler then our Elektra boilers are much more advance and practical compared to other boilers in the market.

Are electric boilers expensive/cheaper to run?

A very common question we face from our customers or interested parties is whether or not our electric combi boilers are cheap to run? Interests also ask us how do you compare electric boiler and gas boiler running cost?

We all know that the unit charge of gas is cheaper than electricity. It is a misconception that gas boilers are cheaper to run as compared to electric ones.

Let us brief you and explain, how close the running cost is between gas boilers and electric boilers. There are factors which people ignore when they compare a gas boiler setup with electric boilers. For example, the yearly gas certification cost, carbon monoxide detectors and their yearly maintenance. More importantly, the repairs cost on the gas boilers are something which can be very expensive at times. We all know that gas is cheap per unit, however the boilers burn and waste a lot of gas which one shouldn’t pay initially. If you consider the above costs with your yearly running cost, then electric combi boilers are cheaper to run per year.

Running cost of Gas heating and Electric heating comparison:

Gas: 5p/kWh

Flat – Gas – 9015kWh Electric 2838kWh

Detached house – Gas – 23043 Electric 7171

Electricity: 14.24p/kWh (D) 7.74/kWh (N)
Storage Heater: Flat 9277kWh Detached – 17937
Electric Boiler: Flat 4265kWh Detached house: 9085

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.50.08


Consumption (kW/year) Cost (£)
Electric Boilers 4265 469.15
Gas Heating 9015 450.75
Storage Heaters 9277 1020.47

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.50.33


Consumption (kW/year) Cost (£)
Electric Boilers 9085 999.35
Gas Heating 23043 1152.15
Storage Heaters 17937 1973.07

Let us evaluate our electric combi boilers in terms of running and maintenance costs. Our range of 12kW electric combi boilers are modulating from 2kW-12kW. Once the temperature reaches the desired setting set by the user, the boiler modulates to 2kW, hence saving monies on energy bills. The boiler only comes on when there is a demand for hot water and since there is no storage (Elektra C only) there is no loss or waste of energy as compared to storage cylinders and gas boilers with tanks.

Our electric boilers are maintenance free as long as you have a filter on the central heating circuit and limescale reducer in cold inlet to the boiler.

*All data is collected from internet (yearly consumption and rates based on British Gas consumption calculator : https://www.britishgas.co.uk/content/britishgas/consumption-calculator.html). Electricity average unit cost is 11p/kWh.(graph)



Electricity is expensive per unit compared to Gas. However if you see the usage per year compared to gas it is less than half of gas usage with our Electric Combi Boilers.

The running cost is almost at par running a Gas boiler with our Electric Combi Boiler. You also save money on yearly maintenance and repairs as compared to gas boilers. There is no carbon footprint left by our range of Electric Boilers (product).

If you do not have gas at the property or are thinking of enhancing gas property with forward thinking heating system, this product is best suitable for new build, flats and houses.

Say hello to a new generation of combi boilers

In 2014 Electric Boilers Company welcomed an efficient alternative to replace your standard gas combi boiler. In this day and age one wonder’s why we are still dealing with the hassle gas boilers entail. The flue, the carbon monoxide, the condensate, having to call a plumber who is gas safe certified, having to replace numerous parts, diminishing efficiency … all these need not be a problem anymore.

Using electricity to fuel your boiler makes way for a much cleaner and smarter method of heating and providing hot water in your house. Our Elektra electric combi boilers work exactly like gas combi boilers, with an instant delivery of hot water. However, no gas is being burnt therefore there is no Carbon Monoxide (CO), no flue, no condensate, no need for a gas safe certificate and a yearly service is not required.

Our boilers have no flue and are completely silent, therefore these can be installed anywhere in the home that a 10mm cable is within reach of. They have much fewer parts, which means there is less to go wrong and therefore less to replace which in the long term saves you money on replacing parts. Elektra boilers can also be integrated with solar PV panels, which allow the user to be self sufficient in providing their own electricity. The boilers run on 12 kW and have the ability to modulate down in energy usage consequently saving the user money due to less running costs and 99.9% efficiency.

Electric boilers Company are taking the industry forward, to a more efficient and simple era of providing heating and hot water in your household. Heating your home does not have to be complicated, nor does it have to cost you an arm and a leg.